No matter what you do, it seems like you are shouting in a vacuum or whispering in a crowd.

You are prepared to make a real difference, but you need awareness and recognition. You need to be on the stage and take the spotlight.

And you probably know what to do about it. But who has the time for it? You have a business to run.

There is a way.

You can become the beacon the industry needs. And you can do it without sacrificing your time or efficiency.

You don’t need an expensive PR agency, an enormous communications budget, or a bulging marketing department.

Renovata is your roadmap to industry leadership along every milestone of your journey.


Renovata gives you a map and keys to drive yourself to industry leadership.

You will accomplish the business goals most important to you using your own platforms, your existing resources, and your own expertise. Our role is to get you to where you need to be.

There will be a point you won’t need us, and that’s how we will know we were successful.


We analyze your journey toward industry leadership and then build a program specifically for you.

When you have everything you need for your journey, you are all set and you won't need us.


Platform Builder: Chart your business journey, your purpose, vision, value, and mission so you can align all programs around what is most important.

Audience Primer: Create and segment your audience, understand them, think like them, so you can fix their problems.

Market Positioning: A rigorous identification of your place in the industry, what you mean to accomplish, how you will do so, and when.

Thought Leadership Builder: Create a content calendar and use our playbook to become an influential voice for your industry.

Content Audit: Unveil your content strategy, communications strategy, marketing strategy, assets, content calendar, target audience, and process workflow.

Program Builder: Create an awareness program custom-tailored to your business goals and existing resources.

Community Builder: Create and cultivate your own industry community so that your business becomes the industry’s watering hole.

On Demand Agency: Communications, public relations, and marketing consulting for everyday business needs such as content strategy, messaging, branding, media strategy, and communications planning.


Let's check out where you are and we'll put together the perfect program to capture share of voice with a long-term industry leadership strategy.