If your business disappeared tomorrow, would anyone notice—would anyone care?

The answer from your customers and stakeholders is more likely to be “yes” if your values align with theirs.

Increasingly, brands and senior leaders need to be associated with a cause to cut it in today’s world.

But it needs to be genuine and authentic. Consumers see straight through corporations jumping on the latest bandwagon.

Instead of looking at a cause and figuring out how your messages can fit into it, let’s work the other way around. What are your values? What’s in your DNA? By understanding this, we can help you create an authentic voice and develop a clear sense of purpose which is shared with others. They will then care about you, engage with you, and want to stay connected to you.

We help you identify your values, develop purpose and deliver social impact.


Renovata provides strategic advice and takes an integrated approach combining elements of PR, marketing and stakeholder engagement to enable you to develop your business positioning. 


We guide you to clarity on vision, mission, purpose; a clear sense of audience insight; core messaging and proof points; and stakeholder mapping. 


With a focus on narrative and storytelling, we design and deliver bespoke, impactful campaigns which achieve positive, tangible and (where possible) quantifiable results. The goal is to produce measurable outcomes which enable you to better deliver your overall corporate objectives.

We help you create compelling messages which resonate with your audience.


Renovata provides advice and expertise on how to engage in the public policy realm to maximum impact.


We take an evidence-based campaign approach to help you achieve policy influence and profile; whether the end goal is legislative or regulatory change, to secure a spending pledge, or broader behavior change from policy makers to improve the landscape in which you operate.


We start with situation analysis, defining objectives and audiences, building coalitions and alliances, identifying channels and crafting messages. Clarity on aims and objectives enable us to plan and execute a campaign and measure success.


We also lead our own social issues campaigns, consistent with our mission to accelerate the realization of social, economic and environmental justice through effective campaigning and advocacy work. 

We build successful campaigns which enable you to mobilize your audience.