Renovata is a global strategic communications and thought leadership firm. We help society-critical businesses and organizations define and deliver on their purpose, and create the platforms and programs they need to drive their message to the right people.

We are driven to empower visionaries to make the world more equitable and sustainable so future generations can thrive.  

Renovata means renewal. It is our responsibility to provide the tools needed to make permanent and positive change.

Young Power


A Purpose-Driven Resiliency Approach to PR, Content, and Marketing

If your business disappeared tomorrow, would anyone notice—would anyone care?
The answer from your customers and stakeholders is more likely to be “yes” if your values align with theirs.

Increasingly, brands and senior leaders need to be associated with a cause to cut it in today’s world.

We help you identify your values, develop purpose, and build your platform so you don't have to chase the media—you become the media.

Renovata's Thought Leadership Services


Nick O’Hara and Mark Havenner established Renovata, driven by the belief that the nature of the external environment our clients—and their employees—operate in has changed dramatically in recent times. Purpose is now everything.

Consumers and stakeholders won’t work with you if your values don’t align with theirs.

Increasingly, brands and senior leaders need to be authentically associated with a cause to cut it in today’s world: they need purpose.

On top of this, the old PR model is ripe for disruption. The distinction between marketing/ advertising (paid media) and PR has become so blurred in this era of digital communications and social media that it is almost irrelevant.  Because how we consume and produce content has changed almost beyond recognition since the turn of the century

The challenge for communicators is to produce relevant content on the right platforms so that people can find information at precisely the moment they need it. 

We must tell our audience stories that connect to their problems, engage with them, and demonstrate how we can solve those problems.

So Renovata was built as a bespoke communications and thought leadership consultancy to visionary leaders across the private, public and non-profit sectors; to work with them to develop their own purpose and improve how they communicate it.

They aim to go further still and so, unlike the standard PR agency, Renovata provides a social advocacy campaigning function to advance efforts to create a fairer, more just, and sustainable world for future generations to inherit.

Renovata is a borderless organization operating remotely from London, Santa Monica, and Port of Spain.


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