Nick O'Hara


How do you achieve industry leader status within a year?

PR/ publicity won’t get you heard above the noise for very long: join Renovata’s industry leadership programme and cement yourself as a leading voice in your sector and beyond

November 10, 2022

By Nick O'Hara

You have built something that is truly needed in your sector, but too many others are crowding the marketplace with poor solutions or misinformation– and are being rewarded with disproportionate attention. You could be an expert opinion-leader, if only the right people knew you existed. For that to happen, you need effective communications to get on their radar.

But where would you place your communications efforts today?

Does it feel like you're always competing with the noise of a crowded field… and probably losing the battle? Chances are you are either whispering in a crowd or, just as ineffectively, when you do breakthrough with some media relations pickup, it is only to discover that you are shouting into a vacuum.

It’s time you got the awareness you need to truly make a difference. It’s time for you to get out of the wings and take centre stage.

But your audience is simply no longer in the same place it once was.

Stop flogging the dead horse of traditional PR/ media relations

Like it or not, we live in age of heightened cynicism– especially towards the media and advertising industries. Traditional print and broadcast media are not trusted as they once were. So why would you focus so much of your efforts to communicate to your audience via intermediaries your audience either distrusts or, in increasing numbers, has tuned out?

It makes no sense, especially in a crowded media landscape in which audiences have a seemingly infinite number of choices on where to receive their information from. They're certainly going to only choose things from circles that they trust. The cost of trying to reach (or acquire) audiences through media intermediaries is too high to justify the effort in any case.

So you need to position yourself as a person of leadership with clearly defined values, so that people who share those values will see you through the clutter in the crowd and naturally come to you.

If you don't stand for anything except profit, or don't stand for anything except the act of doing business, that's all going to be noise. You seek increased market share, right? That alone isn’t a good enough reason. Even if you're in a commodity market, even if you're selling toothpaste, if you have a reason for that particular toothpaste then you'll automatically differentiate yourself.

Wherever you are on your path to leadership, our promise is simple. We will get you to a point within a year of working with us where you no longer need us. That’s how we’ll know we’ve been successful in supporting you.

How many PR agencies would say that?a

The work needs to be done on building your platform and attracting people, not on chasing audiences that don't want to listen to you.

But wait, I hear you say. Isn’t a great news release or an op-ed, gaining traditional print or broadcast media exposure, a good way of fast-tracking and amplifying your message?

The problem is amplifying to whom? And if everybody's amplifying, then there's nothing there. There's just a lot of noise.

So, if you're just relying on a press release to deliver your messages, and even if some media picks up a press release passively – which these days they often don't – who is going to read it and why are they going to care? It will just create another headline in a sea of headlines. And even if somebody does read it, unless they are emotionally connected because of shared values, they'll forget it the moment they saw it.

Think of how many news items you see in a day. Which stories stick?

And besides, traditional media outlets have cut back on their resources. Newspaper circulations have dwindled. They are actually doing less because they themselves have a smaller market share of the media that we're consuming compared to 20 years ago. Today’s more diversified media marketplace consists of many smaller actors with considerable micro-generation of content. We have Youtubers, bloggers, we have podcasters. The barriers to entry to producing content have been removed.

Get more share of voice through better community building: with Renovata’s industry leadership programme your audience will start coming to you

You may well be paying a handsome sum in monthly retainers to a PR agency that is delivering patchy results at best. The outcomes don’t justify the cost, but perhaps you feel trapped because you know that effective communications are more important to your business than ever before.

But you don’t need to be paying ongoing retainers.

Instead, the smart strategy is to create your own audience built on shared values, so you have a circle of trust that you've developed, enabling you to talk to your audience directly.

That's why community building and thought leadership is an important strategy right now–and we have developed a groundbreaking industry leadership programme which focuses solely on those items.

We break things down to a modular approach of up to three phases, each three months in duration, depending on where you are on your own journey. So, we could get you there in well under a year.

Perhaps you are at founder stage. You have launched something special yet are struggling to get the customers or clients you need to make the business stable.

Or you could be a business leader who has established your brand and identity and are making waves in the marketplace, but without moving the needle on profile and brand awareness.

You may even already be an industry leader with a solid communications and marketing strategy that has made you a known quantity in the industry: but you need to secure your place long-term as the industry’s leader.

Renovata assesses where you are in your journey to industry leadership and evaluates which of our programme elements are needed to achieve your goals.

The first step is to create your messaging platform– your why. The second is to communicate that platform. The third is to create your own community that surrounds that platform.

Sounds simple, right? And that’s the beauty of it: it is simple if we work together and take a smart approach. And the reward will be transformative.

Even as a founder starting out from scratch, you can position yourself as a business leader within your industry in as little as nine months with Renovata’s programme. You will then be equipped with the tools you need to continue forward to industry leadership alone. You would be all set, but we would still be here if you need us.

Do you have the drive to implement a communications programme that will actually raise your profile?

You can become the beacon the industry needs. And you can do it without sacrificing your time or efficiency. You don’t need an expensive PR agency, an enormous communications budget, or a bulging marketing department.

Renovata is your roadmap to industry leadership along every milestone of your journey. We give you a map and keys to drive yourself to reach the goals most important to you using your own platforms, existing resources, and your own expertise. Our role is to get you to where you need to be.

We analyse your journey toward industry leadership and then build a programme specifically for you– whether you are a founder just starting out, more established but not gaining cut-through, or an industry leader with a strong strategy seeking to secure your position for the longer term.

Wherever you are on your path to leadership, our promise is simple. We will get you to a point within a year of working with us where you no longer need us. That’s how we’ll know we’ve been successful in supporting you.

How many PR agencies would say that?